Hello I’m Robert Farrell, I’ve been in the online trenches teaching, selling and marketing since 1995, 25 years. Let me share my “real world” know how and experience that will guide you to work smart online and keep you “out of trouble”…

Rule #1 to working smart online is... STOP SELLING! Engage your target audience with great content and value. Don't post products on social media, post curated videos from youtube.
Yes that's right, ride the coattails of a content rich 21st century platform Youtube. Did you know Youtube is the world's #2 search engine? Every demographic can be found there. My turnkey Wordpress system enables you to curate content both for engagement and products from your favorite online store.

I'm a lazy guy and I want software to work for me and not "work me". I've been teaching marketable software here in NYC since 1989, from 1991-2002 I ran the most successful boutique software training school in NYC, Desktop America. (You can find old web pages in the wayback website)

In 2004-2005 I owned about 10-12 websites and I was posting Google adsense on my niche sites. I noticed something interesting each site was earning $3.79 to about $4.47 per site per day per website, with on average of about $4.11, X 30 days I was earning about $120 per month, totally found money. This was in addition to my online training courses and web site development services.

So I thought what if I had more niche sites I'd made more daily adsense income right? Well true I eventually added about 30 more sites and by 2008-2009 I was earning over $85 per day with adsense or about $2500 per month, not bad for found money.

Yes $2500 per month was not bad but I realized adsense was NOT working smart - My foundation for everything I do online. So I switched my online passive income strategy to affiliate sales and I've never looked back.

NEWS FLASH! Most people fail at online sales and marketing and here's why. Did you know only 4% of people to attempt to earn online make any kind of real money. Example of real money I mean $40,000 a year or more. Most people don't succeed or reach their online earning goals because:

  • They were never exposed to the correct way to market (aka - stop selling)
  • They did not have a niche website (they had one site with A-Z products)
  • Their website was not mobile ready
  • They were way too impatient and expected to earn $1000s in a few weeks
  • They tried to re-invent the wheel instead of using time-tested video content to market their products and services
  • They did not choose a marketable niche or product line
  • They simply gave up and did not treat it like a serious business

I am 100% committed to helping you work smart and earn online the right way. I've built an amazing system for your benefit. I've done all the heavy lifting for you. I provide training tools, fast cache hosting, keyword rich sub-domain names, premium Wordpress themes and plugins, back-end admin video training multi niche web stores to increase your online opportunity to earn by #workingSmartOnline

See you inside. Remember nothing happens when YOU choose to do NOTHING!

Carpe Diem 2020 - Robert