Earnings Opportunities

Earning online is totally about working smart and earning by NOT SELLING! My turnkey Wordpress niche store platform does exactly that... You will earn online by not selling, but by offering value, video hi-traffic engaging videos from youtube. I will teaching you to ride the coattails of the #2 search engine, Youtube plus Amazon, Facebook, Wordpress and my in-depth, step-by-step training program.

Within 2-3 months of being online with my Wordpress turnkey niche stores, my average student is earning about $287 gross sales from their Amazon customers across their 5 niche website stores. Plus an average of 25 new Amazon customers per month and at 5% earnings that a net income of $358 per month. So if you were to keep that average then at the end of 12 months that's a customer base of 300 Amazon customers that's now about $4300 every month. Earning online is all about numbers and simple math.

I will also provide you the opportunity to ride my coattails and earn from offering my 5 site Wordpress turnkey system from your website store. So if you referral just 2 paid customers to my 5 niche packages per month that's an earnings potential of over $137K per year. Please watch the above video for my "how to get there" roadmap.

Remember rule #1 to earning period... NOTHING happens when YOU CHOOSE to do NOTHING!