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Robert Farrell  //  Teacher, Developer, Marketer, Life Partner To The Most Amazing Women and Father and Grandfather, Plus I Play Guitar, Saxophone, Piano and Drums... But NOT At The Same Time!

My friend Keith and I were once young back in the day... Circa 1992. To be candid even with my 32 years of teaching marketable software here in NYC and earning online since 1995. Do I have ALL the answers? Hello No! Have I made mistakes? Hell Yes! BTW You'll never hear me say the word guru, mastermind, "The secret sauce" etc. save that for the snake oil marketers. I provide total common sense training, tools for sales and marketing your online products. I make 100% NO GUARANTEES of ANY INCOME! I provide rock solid training and the software and tools you will need to succeed. What YOU choose to do with it is totally up to YOU!

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, this is for serious people who will treat this opportunity as a serious business. 

Robert Farrell -  Carpe Diem 2020

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